If your life is touched by autism, Jonathan Levy can help you make a difference in your child's life. He has traveled around the world working with families, consulted with school systems, and been featured in the documentaries Let Me Be Me and I Want My Little Boy Back. 


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Principles of the program

Jonathan uses principles of the Son-Rise Program in his work with families touched by autism. These principles include:

  • Making social interaction the number one priority. Some treatments focus on skills that do not address the larger issues that autism can present. Rather than focus on math or writing (though these could still be taught within the context of the program), there is a focus on having deeper and more frequent interactions with people.
  • Believing that all outcomes are possible. While a complete change is rare, it does happen, and the vast majority of the children show clear and dramatic changes in key skills: ability to have meaningful relationships, eye contact, attention span, speech, self-help skills, sleeping, aggressive behaviors, crying, motor skills, and many others.
  • A belief that each child is unique. Each program must be tailored specifically to a child’s strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.

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Parents on Jonathan Levy and his work:

“He gives amazing advice to empower parents and caregivers…Fantastic!           -  Nicole R. Seidel (Pennsylvania)

“If you know ANYONE with autism – get this book!”- T. Zaverl (Irvine, California)

“After reading this book I am ordering twenty: for all the people who work with my daughter, all our family and everyone I know who has an autistic child!” - Laura Haynes (Sydney, Australia)

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