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A 50-minute in-person or telephone consultation with Jonathan. This is helpful both at the beginning of your work with your child as well as throughout your child’s development. Get your questions answered and learn how to become more effective with your child.

Video consultation
A 50 minute telephone consultation with 20 minute video review.  Jonathan will watch a video of you work with your child and provide customized suggestions and advice. He will also help you improve your technique. A video consultation is a powerful way to upgrade your abilities and help your child achieve more.

In-home outreach
This is the highest level of service and includes one or more days of assessment, training, and an outlining of program goals – right in your home. You will be observed with your child and will be given specific feedback and instruction based on these observations. Any other facilitators, team members or professionals are welcome to receive training as well. Jonathan will work directly with your child so that you can witness exactly how the techniques would be applied with your child. Q&A sessions, private consultations, and anything else that would be helpful can be scheduled during an In-Home Outreach.

$2400 per day plus travel expenses.  

Packages are highly recommended because they give you the opportunity to apply the concepts you’ve learned under Jonathan’s supervision, so you get many chances to ask questions that are most relevant to helping your child. You will receive continuous instruction and frequent feedback. Packages are perfect for a family just starting out with Jonathan or one doing continuing work with him.

Purchase a package of five consultations for $1500
Purchase a package of 3 consultations and 2 video feedbacks for $1800 
Purchase a package of 2 in home outreach days, 2 consultations, and a video consultation: $5500

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