“Excellent teacher. In his eyes and his spirit, I felt true caring, understanding and a passion to help and really be there for us all.”                                      Name: Linda Carter
Occupation: Manager/Sales
State: Colorado
Child: Jacob, 3 years old
Diagnosis: Autism-PDD
“Extremely objective. Excellent presentation skills. Very empathetic to all. Jonathan’s the man!”                                      Name: Ed Griffith
Occupation: Realtor
State: Ohio
Child: Luke, 5 years old
Diagnosis: General Developmental Delays

“Jonathan is the meat and potatoes man! He gave me so much information that I will be able to use when I step off the plane at home. Jonathan has given breath to my teaching and many many little extra clues that I’ve picked up! I admire the way he covered so much material and kept our interest for long sessions and stayed cool the whole time. Thanks so much.”              Name: Beth Devonshire
Occupation: Special Ed. Teacher
Country: Australia
“It’s amazing that he can have such a presence, an ability to hold the attention of others and have so much experience to draw upon. Jonathan charmed us all…with his lively presence and with his words of wisdom.”  Name: Dan Burke
Occupation: Telecommunications 
State: Iowa
Child: Narayan, 3 ½ years old
Diagnosis: PDD

“Answered so many questions and was direct yet so non-judgmental. Helped me work through some of my own fears and limitations to emerge into being able to make the best decisions for our program with Phillip. Thank you for helping my husband and I really learn to talk to each other again.”                                 Name: Janis Shiflett
Occupation: Financial Analyst
State: FL
Child: Phillip, 3 years old
Diagnosis: PDD
“Very good- his boundless energy, enthusiasm and excitement—- obviously has a passion for what he does and presents in a very digestible format. I was motivated and interested throughout all of Jonathan’s presentations.”   Name:  Morris Payton
Occupation: Recreation Manager 
Country: Scotland
Child: Luke, 3 ½ years old
Diagnosis: Autism

“Jonathan is so gifted. You are blessed to have him with you.”  Name: Lars Petersen
Occupation: Ship Builder
Country: Denmark
Child: Aske, 5 years old
Diagnosis: Autism
“Brilliant is the word that comes to mind. He has an instant solution for all problems. He is very compassionate and understanding.”                      Name: Dev Bajpai
Occupation: Secretary/Legal Manager
Country: India
Child: Ishaan, 2 years old
Diagnosis: Autism

“Jonathan is brilliant and intelligent. He has studied his information extremely well and delivers it extremely well.”  Name: Raef K. Fahmi
Occupation: Architect
Country: Egypt
Child: Ismail, 5 years old
Diagnosis: Autism
“Wise, excellent deliverer of thoughts.”                                    Name: Steve Pleasants
Occupation: Proctor & Gamble
State: Ohio
Child: Frankie, 5 years old
Diagnosis: Autism

“I know as a father of an Autistic son that my wife and I have finally found a way to help reach and love our son in a more positive and respectful way.”                                              Name: Steve Boyanton
Occupation: Compositor
Country: Australia
Child: Aaron, 9 years old
Diagnosis: Autism
“Jonathan is a strong motivator. He listens to your thoughts and responds well with very positive ideas. He is a good communicator.”                     Name: Errol Roofe
Occupation: Networks Manager
Country: England
Child: Nathan, 4 years old
Diagnosis: Asperger’s Syndrome

“My favorite. He clearly loves his job. He really wanted us to get every point and wasn’t satisfied otherwise.”          Name: Richard Katz
Occupation: Internet Consultant
State: California
Child: Neal, 5 years old
Diagnosis: PDD-Apraxia
“I felt he really knew what he was talking about and could guide me because I felt he has a real connection with children.” Name: Erica Bowden
Occupation: Homemaker
State: Ohio
Child: Cole, 4 years old
Diagnosis: Autism

“I especially enjoyed Jonathan’s classes. His knowledge and insight is incredible! His energy is spectacular! And his explanations are precise and clear! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”                            Name: Katie Minzey
Occupation: Artist
State: Indiana
Child: Ben Romanetz, 9 years old
“He is clarity itself, congruent, genuine, inclusive and conclusive.”                                Name: Arnold Lokhorst
Occupation: Consultant/Director
Country: Netherlands
Child: Sarah, 3 1/2 years old
Diagnosis: PDD-NOS

“Outstanding – thought provoking, good presence and presentation. Delivered practical knowledge and inspiring thoughts as well as anyone.”                                     Name: Kirt Hibbitts
Occupation: Advertising
State: North Carolina
Children: Daniel, 8 years old; Sarah, 10 years old; Megan, 5 years old
Diagnosis: PDD-Autistic,LD, Language Delayed
“Smart and sharp, excellent. A ’10’.”                                               Name: Mary Maxwell-dePonte
Occupation: Owner, Beauty Salon
Country: Aruba
Child: Elijah, 2 1/2 years old
Diagnosis: PDD

“Funny, sharp and a great speaker. He has a lot of empathy in his eyes and his listening skills are fantastic.”  Name: Leslie Robinson
Occupation: Health Field/Homemaker
State: Texas
Child: Taylor, 3 years old
Diagnosis: PDD
“I really enjoyed listening to you teach – you are gifted in making any information appealing and interesting.”                                Name: Joan Pense
Occupation: Registered Nurse/Pastor’s Wife
State: New York
Children: Hannah, 4 years old; Joshua, 3 1/2 years old
Diagnosis: Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD

“You had a special way of getting our attention and keeping it. Made my learning a joyous experience.”           Name: Jocelyn Ogden
Occupation: Homemaker
Country: Canada
Child: Joseph, 8 1/2 years old
Diagnosis: Mentally Challenged, Severe Impairment of Speech, ADHD, Autistic Characteristics
“You have helped me so much! Your lessons on speech are excellent! Very good and dynamic.”                                     Name: Gunilla Elinder
Occupation: Psychologist
Country: Sweden
Child: (many), 2-20 years old
Diagnosis: Within the autism spectrum

“I really enjoy your knowledge and skills. Your presentation is full of useful tips. You were so great at the Q&A. I am taking home so much knowledge.”    Name: Florence Danieley
Occupation: Mom
State: Ohio
Child: Adrien, 5 years old
Diagnosis: Autism

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